Welcome to Eternal Winter

As the days wane, the nights close in and the trees don their vibrant hues; a chill creeps into the air.

Not the bite of wintry blusters, but just a nip to let us know a new season is at hand. The wide avenue is lit by the first rays of the day, shining through a thin layer of grey cloud like a stain glass window. No more are the trees with their iridescent hues of spring and summer; now they lay bare with snow and frost. Winter is here, and it's going to be unforgiving.

You’ll be staying at the infamous Elk Glades, located in the desolate but beautiful terrains of Eureka, Nunavut. With temperatures dropping to dangerous degrees and blizzards tearing through the land; Will you succumb to the deadly weather, or by the hands of your own tribe mates?

This will be through discord.

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The WINNERS of Season 1 and Season 2. Season 3 has YET to be played. 6 Seasons are teased in this photo.

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